Tips on choosing a tent DOME

In outdoor activities such as adventure in the outdoors, outdoor dome tent or awning is needed to protect us from the rain, wind, moisture, cold, heat, etc. And at present, various models of dome tents many in the market and prices vary.
 But often we are wrong in choosing and determining dome tents or outdoor tents that will be used. And here are tips on choosing dome tents that will fit with what we want.

Mountaineering tent for construction tends to be lower than in a tent for camping (tents Dome), is due to better withstand strong winds over mountain heights area than locations that are lower camping at the foot of the mountain.
Choose lower tent construction. Tent maximum height at least 1 meter or 40 inches. This is based on observations of a tent - a tent outside the country average - average height of 1m or less. As always, the higher the greater the tent caught wind power.

Materials tent
Consider materials dome tents, choose which of nylon do not select the tent is made of cotton material inside (inner) made of cotton, if the hood is used on the mountain of high temperature moisture will be very cold at all, this tent can not provide good insulation for the residents. Tent with this type of material is only suitable for use untukcamping.

Tents form

Avoid choosing a tent that had a gaping open section, let alone the top, because it will be "fine dining" wind, because the wind and the storm is the main obstacle when in altitude, you should look at the seller's premises tent.

Weights and dimensions
Choose dome tents reasonable weight and small dimensions at the time of packing. In addition to the practicality is also very helpful when it must be brought - brought in a carrier, now it helps you see first.

There are various - kinds of tents that is now sold freely in shops selling a tent. The form of tents of various kinds is apparently also have a different placement. Form dome tents are like a ball cut in half and a tent-type tunnel (tunnel) can be brought to condition all year round camping in the mountains - like the tropical mountains in Indonesia.
While the tent with a geodesic shape is intended to mountains - the snow mountain and the expedition - a great expedition in the Himalayas. Dome tent types (A-Frame) is better used for numerous conditions the team members. So back to the first question above what conditions you will encounter in the field greatly affect the type of tent that will bring.

Tips on choosing a tent DOME

The frame tent is one of the important part that must be considered as well. The material used as the base material tent frame depends on how the conditions that will be encountered in the field. Frame of fiberglass materials cost less but tend to damage the tent fabric and volatile when exposed to harsh winds, too easily broken.
Tent that uses fiberglass frame types are often found in the tent - tent dome and tunnel designated on the mountain - the mountain tropics. Aluminum frame may be a better alternative, because the base material is more durable and more robust in the face of bad weather. We can choose where sellers tent in your area.