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  • COMFORT - Just because you are on an adventure doesn't mean you shouldn't have a great night of sleep. Don't worry, you will. This ultra-comfortable Best Rest Parachute Camping Hammock is the perfect place to relax after an active day. What about romance? Well this isn't any ordinary hammock, it is double the size of normal hammocks which makes it perfect for two people to lay in and enjoy the stars. Bonus: If you need a place to sit you can sit in the hammock sideways and feel like a king.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT - As comfortable and durable as it is, it's hard to believe this high quality Parachute Hammock only weighs 27 oz. (0.75kg) How is that even possible? By using only the best parachute fabric, we not only made it light but compact too. When the hammock, carbineers and nautical grade tree ropes are completely packed into the included stuff bag, it is as small and easy to travel with as a regulation football.
  • DURABLE - Worried about it breaking? Don't! This tough as nails Camping Hammock has been triple stitched and safety tested to hold up to 400 lbs. If that isn't enough we use genuine nautical grade rope to ensure the highest quality and durability possible.
  • VERSATILE - This go anywhere hammock is perfect for camping and backpacking, but that is not all! Use it at home in the yard or on the patio, heck you could even use it indoors when unexpected guests drop in for the night. It's so comfortable they will be happy not to be stuck on the couch.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - When you're out in the wilderness things have to work and work every time. We understand that. That is why we only use the best materials and we back it up with the Timber Recreation 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! We don't need excuses, we have the best product available. So order risk-free today!

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Product Description

Lightweight, Compact, and Durable!

"It's so comfortable and roomy! Every time I get in my hammock I think to myself, 'This is the life!' My kids are enjoying it too and I feel safe with all of us in this extra-large hammock." - David Daniels

It's time to get comfortable in a hammock of your own! Your Best Rest Double Nest Hammock will soon become your favorite retreat! Made of durable, breathable, quick-drying parachute fabric; it's surprisingly light at only 27 oz. (1.7lbs or 0.75kg). Yet, you might be surprised to learn that it can hold loads of up to 400lbs!

Don't settle for anything less! Triple interlocking stitching provides additional support and reduces the chance of rips and tears. Feel at ease in your hammock knowing it's been constructed with quality in mind; from the heavy duty carabiners at each end of the hammock; to the nautical rope inside the hammock and the rope provided to hang it.

Enjoy the comfort of your hammock by yourself or with that special someone. Measuring 9'x6'2" (280cmx183cm), our Best Rest Double Nest Hammock is roomy enough for two; or you can really feel like a king with all that extra room. Want to use your hammock like a chair, rather than like a bed; don't forget, you can also sit in it sideways!

Use it anywhere, anytime! In the woods, on the beach, back yard, on the patio, outdoors or indoors! Perhaps keep a couple on hand for those unexpected guests! Besides, it's more comfortable than an air mattress!

Never sleep in a tent again! Hammock Camping is a new and growing trend and you won't miss sleeping on the ground after enjoying a night swaying softly in your hammck! Use it during your regular travels or while on a backpacking trip too!

No trees? No worries, hang your hammock on a large hammock stand!

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