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  • Compatible with most single butane/butane-propane mixed fuel canisters
  • Adjustable folding blades and retractable metal feet make it a very portable stove
  • Built-in electric-spark ignition system and adjustable fuel flow control
  • Constructed with water-resistant stainless steel, safe valve assembly, and durable fuel hose
  • Simple to set up and operate , great for camping trips, hiking and any other outdoor activities

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Product Description

Take it with you
Designed with travel in mind, the Portable Windproof Butane Outdoor Stove is constructed of water-resistant materials and intended to be used outdoors on camping trips or other outdoor activities. It was built to take a beating and to travel everywhere you do.


Safe and easy to connect to a butane canister, the outdoor stove has a built-in electric spark ignition system and includes flame control. Flame control allows operators to change between a powerful flame and a lower intensity flame for ultimate control.

Weight: 1.04 lbs.
Nominal power: 2800W
Ignition: Electric spark
Dimensions: 5.12" x 4.49" (when stored); 8.03" x 3.86" (when operating); 11.81" fuel hose
Compatible canister and fuel types: Butane/Butane-propane mix with threaded 7/16" NS valve (EN 417)

Note´╝ÜPlease tare down the blue plastic film from the wind deflector before use.

Package Includes

1 x Etekcity® Portable Windproof Butane Stove
1 x Fuel Hose with fuel-canister connecting valve and fuel flow-control knob
1 x User Guide

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