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  • High quality multi-loop Tree Hugger straps (6ft) included for simple setup. No more fumbling with ropes and knots. These durable polyester straps won't stretch and provide ten anchor points to easily adjust the height and tension of your hammock.
  • One minute easy setup - no knots, no ropes, no poles. Comfort is just a clip away. Catch some z's in your hammock and you'll never want to be grounded again.
  • Made with ultralight 100% parachute nylon, your hammock is breathable, lightweight yet durable. With our 5-year warranty, enjoy years of adventure with your favorite travel buddy.
  • Packs down to just a few inches - Compact Dimensions: 7in (tall) x 6in (diameter); Unfolded Dimensions: 8ft 10in (long) x 4ft 5in (wide); Recommended Maximum Capacity: 350lbs. Everything packs neatly into the stuff sack, giving you the freedom to bring your hammock anywhere
  • Included: Ultralight hammock, attached drawstring stuff sack, two 6ft Tree Hugger Straps, two high strength carbon steel carabiners and a full 5-year warranty.

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Product Description

The perfect companion to take with you on your next adventure. Serac camping hammocks are light and compact, yet durable enough to go with you anywhere. Hang it up for the perfect lunch spot on your favorite mountain trail or bring it on a tropical retreat, a hammock is perfect for all situations.

At under 20 ounces, you never have a reason not to bring your hammock.

With the included 10 loop tree straps, you'll have two 6 foot long straps that make setting up a breeze. Multiple anchor points gives you maximum flexibility in adjusting the slack and height of the hammock to your preference. The one inch wide straps are compact enough to fit in the hammock sack, and easily stored together.

We believe in minimizing our impact when out in nature. Our tree straps provide more surface area when hugging the tree compared to rope that digs into the bark and causes damage.

Less cumbersome than a traditional tent, a Serac Hammock frees up your backpack for other essentials, while cutting down the weight. Strong enough to support 350 lbs, triple stitched parachute nylon keeps you comfortably suspended.

No more fumbling with poles, stakes and guy-lines setting up your tent. No need to clear out the rocks or find a flat area. No more uncomfortable nights lying on the hard ground.

Reduce your impact, camp out in your hammock and never look back.

What's Included
- 14 oz ultralight hammock
- Two 6 ft long tree straps
- Two steel carabiners
- Stuff sack

100% Satisfaction Gauranteed. Full 5 year warranty with purchase.

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