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  • ✪SPACIOUS & SUITABLE FOR TALL PEOPLE: Our sleeping bags are 7'2" long (including a 12" long hood) and 29.5" wide. Thus is is spacious enough to sleep people of most heights...from young children to tall boys, girls, men or women, comfortably. The bag comes with a full-length zip and can be fully unzipped to be used as a double duvet (5' wide). The extra zipper ribbon along the inside length of the zipper is designed to prevent the fabric liner from getting stuck while zipping up
  • ✪HIGH QUALITY & DURABLE: The bags are lightweight (2.86 Lbs) , and compact when rolled & packed in it's own drawstring carrying bag. They are made of 190T Polyester with 100% Polyester filling, thus providing adequate comfort and warmth outdoors. The product is designed for a Sub Zero (˚C) temperature range (about -5˚C - 15˚C). Temp range in ˚F of 23-59 Deg F. Perfect for backpacking, biking, hiking, scouts,guide, camping and outfitters
  • ✪MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Our confidence in our product allows us to offer No-Question-Asked full refund within 6 months of your order, if you are not happy with your purchase. This takes all risks out of your purchase and offers you great peace of mind
  • ✪THE EXPERIENCE: We not only offer you the finest quality sleeping bags, we go way beyond that. We offer you an experience that usually money can't buy. The sole objective of our business is to delight our customers and our job doesn't end with your credit card swipe. So when you purchase our sleeping bag today, you not only are entitled to attractive discounts (not available to others) on the entire 'Swift-n-Snug' product range, you are entitled to our 24X7X365 premium customer service. A service that is not a faceless robot behind a computer screen...but a genuinely caring team that will never take you for granted, and would go any length to make you happy. So just drop us a line if you have any issues and we promise to fix it
  • ✪BUY FROM THE BEST & ENJOY ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS: With so many sellers and products on Amazon, aren't you better off buying the best sleeping bag from the best seller? We at Swift-n-Snug pride ourselves with the highest possible seller rating of 100 out of 100 (5 stars), rated by several hundreds of delighted customers like yourself. So you know you are assured of the best quality and service when you click on the "Add to Cart" button today. Not only that, when you buy the sleeping bag today, you would also enjoy some great discounts on our entire product catalogue. A great opportunity for you to pick a perfect gift item that your friends and family will absolutely love

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Product Description

The HIGH QUALITY Cool Weather Sleeping Bag That Customers Love.

Why The Swift-n-Snug Sleeping Bag?

Warmth : The bag is made of 190T Polyester Fabric and has 100% polyester filling keeping you warm and cosy in temp of 23˚ - 59˚ F. A perfect companion during your next outdoor camping, hiking or adventure trip.

Note: We however do not recommend using it in extreme cold weather during your next Mt. Everest or South Pole trip

Ease of Carrying : The sleeping bag comes with a compact drawstring carry-bag and snugly fits into this carry bag. Carrying it is a breeze.

Spacious: Some of our tall colleagues have taken special interest in deciding the length of the bag. It can easily sleep a tall person by American standards. The total length of the bag including the hood is 7'2"....so even if you play for the NBA, we have you covered.

Quality: We sleeping bag is made of the premium quality material and zipper. We have even remembered to add an extra ribbon along the inner length of the zipper, so that you do not have to worry about the fabric liner getting stuck in the zipper just when you are about to sleep after a tiring day. We are so confident about the quality, that we do not mind sticking our neck out to offer you a life-time warranty on the product.

If you are unhappy with the product for whatever reason, we would offer you a Full Refund within the first 180 days of your purchase, without any questions.

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