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  • Be prepared at home for an emergency or any type of disaster
  • Emergency supplies for 4 people for up to 3 days
  • Contains food, water, shelter, first aid, light, communication and more
  • US Coast Guard approved food and water with 5 year shelf life
  • Provides peace of mind for you and your family

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Product Description

This complete 72 hour survival kit contains enough food and water for 4 people for 3 days, plus 23 different items you need in any emergency. These are the supplies that FEMA, the Red Cross, and the State of California recommend you have on hand for emergency survival. Food and water in this kit have a 5 year shelf life. Also included are supplies for shelter & warmth, an emergency radio and lighting, a first aid kit, a gas shut-off wrench and much more. Everything you and your family need to be prepared in an emergency is packaged in one sturdy, airtight pail that's easy to carry and store. Each kit includes (4) 2400 calorie food bars, (24) 4.2 oz water pouches, (50) water purification tablets, (1) GI style can opener, (6) sanitation/toilet bags, (1) toilet chemical pouch, (4) pocket tissue packs, (1) multi-function knife, (1) gas shut-off wrench, (1) pair of leather-palm work gloves, (4) dust masks, (1) 50' nylon rope, (1) 107 piece first aid kit, (1) pair of vinyl gloves, (1) 4 in 1 dynamo radio flashlight, (4) 12 hour light sticks, (1) box of waterproof matches, (4) emergency thermal blankets, (4) emergency ponchos, (1) tube tent, and (1) 10 yard roll of duct tape.

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