How to Select a Tent for Camping and Climbing.Tents are one piece of equipment that must be taken when a person will conduct berkemping or mountain climbing. Tent used for a place to rest at night as well as a shelter when the weather is bad. This is what ultimately prosecute the instigators of the outdoors should have a basic knowledge of accuracy and variety of tents available in the market. The importance of making the climbers tents should not be the wrong choice because besides the price is varied chose the mountain tent also need to know exactly what we need. Because a lot of the climbers notice in terms of popularity and brand that ultimately they disappointed then choose to purchase another tent. Therefore we would like to share some tips that may be useful for the friend - a friend of the instigators of nature in order to avoid purchases that do not fit the needs and wastage.

Here are some tips on choosing a camping tent that can be used as a guide:

1. Capacity Tents

How to Select a Tent for Camping and Climbing. Tips on choosing a camping tent the first is to choose a tent that fits the needs or in terms of capacity. A tent can accommodate two, four and six people and each person must have different needs in this regard. In general, a tent that is used is the tent that can accommodate two people, but once again this can vary from one user to another. The capacity of the tent itself also will affect the overall weight. The greater the capacity of the tent the more severe the tent anyway. Create you will need a tent for two people, there is no need to carry a tent with a capacity of more than that because it is not very effective.

2. Materials Tents

How to Select a Tent for Camping and Climbing. In addition to seeing the tent capacity in accordance with the existing needs, tips on choosing a camping tent next is with regard tent material itself. Type of tent material is best nylon material because it has a better ability to withstand the cold and rain. But this time may be found kind of tent made of two pieces of material are nylon on the outside and cotton on the inside. Tent like this can also be an option, but users must be careful not to wet the tents are made from cotton because it will increase the humidity inside the tent. It could be said that the nylon material is still the best material for a tent.

3. Selection Cover / Flysheet

It is also recommended to add flysheet tent to tent purchased. Flysheet itself is a waterproof sheet that is placed on the outside of the tent. The main function of the flysheet itself is to hold rain water and also to avoid direct sun on the hood. The best materials used today are made from Polyester.
Note also how the time of installation. Flysheet proper installation is to ensure there is enough distance between the flysheet with tents to ensure that conditions remain comfortable in a tent in the sense of not too hot or humid. Tips on choosing this camping tent should be considered especially when the hood is to be used in high mountain areas.

4. Selection Alas Tents

In addition to all this, there are some other things that go into choosing a tent camping tips. The buyer needs to pay attention to the base tent tent used. The best choice is not the base tent tarpaulin as many people suspected, but a kind of ultralight nylon material that is better able to withstand water seepage.

5. Selection Frame Tents

In choosing Tents also note the type of frame used. If possible, choose a frame made of aluminum instead of fiberglass, because aluminum is a material that is much more robust, durable and lightweight. Fiberglass frames are made from highly vulnerable rupture if exposed to strong wind gusts and one installation. We have had very many stores - stores that sell outdoor aluminum frame, so it can directly replace the frame if we want a tent made from fiberglass frame.

6. Note Stitches Tents

One more thing, make sure that the seams of the tent is strong enough and has didobel, which makes it stronger and more durable for use in the long term. By choosing the right tent, the camping experience will be much more pleasant without any significant problems. Note also the seam disambungan on Flysheet list, make sure the list is strong so that rain water does not seep in.

7. Altitude Tents

How to Select a Tent for Camping and Climbing. For use at high altitude tent and also have strong winds blowing, you should choose a tent with a maximum height of one meter. It is necessary to anticipate that the tent does not collapse when exposed to strong winds. Tips on choosing a camping tent which then is to choose the right tent shape. Some tents have a section that is open both on the wall or the top. To use the hood in the open and are in high altitude, avoid tents which have openings at the top since the opening of this it will be the entrance to the wind and water. For the tropics as in the homeland, the recommended form of tents is a tent with a dome shape and also the shape of the tunnel (tunnel).